There are a few things I miss about having a proper job: moaning with colleagues over a morning coffee, looking forward to getting home in the evening, and – most of all – getting paid once a month. Twice a year is hard for people with the budgeting skills of a gnat. Harder still when money earned never comes in. Speaking of which, has anyone got any ideas about how to get the advances and royalties owed to me by my ex literary agent? I’ve been tearing my hair out for a year now.


~ by helenfitzgerald on November 30, 2010.

2 Responses to “THE BENEFITS OF A DAY JOB”

  1. Hi Helen, I hope that you will forgive this intrusion but I thought that I must write and that you for you encouraging comment on my chapetrs of ‘Beppino’ which your mother-in-law Angela passed on to you. It was very kind. My daughter worked for Atlasntic Books in London for a few years she was director of publicity. But last year she wanted a change in her life and went back to University doing Business Management. She has just finished her course so now the hard job looking for work. She was interested when I told her thast you had read my work and asked for you name. Thank you again for your comments I have very broad shoulders and can take any comment even contrary ones. It all helps. Ciao Louis


  2. Hi Louis, It was a pleasure to read! Good luck with it,Helen


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