The small world of crime fiction

On the flight back from Crimefest in Bristol last year, I was struck by how many crime writers I know. Glancing around the plane, I realised I’d met about 80% of the authors that passengers were reading. Not once – EVER – have I spotted someone reading one of my books. That’ll be a big day, if it ever comes. And the person reading should be very afraid.

Bristol was excellent – will definitely go again this year. Fellow author and Crimefest convenor Donna Moore (and her dad!) seem to think I was a little out of control there in May 2010. Careful what you write in your blog, Donna, I once had a reputation to uphold. Nice that you have included The Devil’s Staircase in your top ten for the year!


~ by helenfitzgerald on January 3, 2011.

2 Responses to “The small world of crime fiction”

  1. Bloody Women was in my top ten.I have a friend who’s novel is about to be released in Germany. Do you have any dos and dont’s that he might be able to use?


  2. Hi Nigel, No advice really, except to enjoy! My publishers did a fabulous job over there, so I hope it goes well for your friend.


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