Was that your idea or mine?

A familiar pattern last weekend:

Serge and I escape for a couple of child-free nights and drink a bit too much in front of an open fire.

We start talking about things that scare us.

One of us comes up with a daft idea for a horror movie.

One of us comes up with a brilliant idea.

One of us comes up with a terrible title.

One of us comes up with a genius title.

More wine and a brisk walk later, we have the most original and fabulous idea and title for a horror movie ever.

And an ongoing debate as to who came up with them.

(SO me!)

I’m hoping he’ll write it. But that’s the easy part.


~ by helenfitzgerald on January 24, 2011.

3 Responses to “Was that your idea or mine?”

  1. Joe Schmo: "Wouldn’t it be good if there was something that kind of… you know… if you were ill then you took it it would make you better sort of thing…"Alexander Fleming: Discovers penicillin.Joe Schmo = HelenAlexander Fleming = Me


  2. If the idea is one that you could tell your granny, it was Serge who came up with it. If it’s the kind of thing that would give Jeffrey Dahmer nightmares, however…


  3. Ha! Almost mentioned in you in my next post, Barry, as I bet you’d come up with some colourful rejections.


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