The FitzCasci camp has been sussing out hot directors for a book-to-film project, which means we’ve spent the week watching Aussie horror movies and eating buckets of M&S chocolate bites. Most of the movies we’ve watched feature the same actors but in different clothes and in a different flat redneck town, but we did see a few new arrivals doing things we’d never seen anyone do (like drill holes in foreheads and then fill said holes with boiling water). The problem Serge and I both have with watching for directorial brilliance is that we can’t see beyond the script. If something works, we figure it’s because the writer got it right. If something sucks, it’s because the writer got it wrong. Sure, we know bad shots and bad music and bad performances and bad pacing, but we find it really hard to focus on these things when there is a script to dissect.

You can imagine it’s not much fun watching movies with us!

(Except for the chocolate bites).

Half way through this movie-watching assignment, and my all time favourite Aussie horrors remain the same: Wolf Creek and Open Water. Not only are the scripts simple, clever and terrifying – but both films deal with things that could actually happen to me. I could be kidnapped, tortured, raped and killed in outback Australia (it happens like ALL the time) and a skipper could accidentally leave me to be eaten by sharks on a reef (or in a street…) in Northern Queensland. In both movies, the directors got everything right. Also, they both made me feel good when they ended, because these things haven’t happened to me.




(What are your favourite horror movies? Aussie movies? Is it the director who makes it or breaks it? Would love to hear your thoughts!)



~ by helenfitzgerald on February 9, 2011.

9 Responses to “AUSSIE HORROR”

  1. I don’t think Open Water has a very good script. The acting and directing give it a real tension, but it doesn’t go anywhere. I got tired of their bickering and started rooting for the sharks.Favorite horror movie: a tie between The Exorcist and The Ring. All of Kurosawa Kiyoshi’s movies are great too.Favorite Aussie movie: Romper Stomper.


  2. Ha! I suppose there would be a lot of this in the script:We can only see their heads. He looks scared. So does she.


  3. i think that Wolfcreek was a great Aussie film in the Horror/Thriller genre – good simple script, well executed by herr director and starring a bunch of unknowns who acted well…we use it as a bench mark here in SA for how possible it is to make a good simple horror/thriller. Australian films always rate highly in my mind, i think they do something different..Muriels Wedding is my all time favourite and Strictly Ballroom after that….


  4. When you look at it, Open Water was really just a yuppie couple bickering for an entire movie. I loved when one of them blamed the other, saying something like, "This was your idea – I wanted to go skiing!"


  5. I think that’s why I liked Open Water, Barry – I am one half of that very couple (and he died most horribly). I agree with Rachel re Strictly Ballroom – was on such a high after watching it in Edinburgh in 1992 that BF and I waltzed down the Royal Mile.


  6. I have no soul, so I’d find it easier to sit through a root canal than Strictly Ballroom. My ex accused me of having narrow taste in movies, to which I said, "That’s not true. I like both kinds of movies – crime AND horror."I recall Serge going ballroom dancing with his mum back in the 80s…


  7. That last sentence is giving me an idea for a horror movie… (definitely no soul, but we always knew that. Aren’t you a "new steps" kinda guy?)


  8. "New steps…" I don’t know that term.


  9. Not telling. Get a soul and see the film!


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