Is this Hollywood or the Southside of Glasgow?

It’s been a great couple of weeks in the FitzCasci house. We’ve discovered that Serge’s feature film, The Caller, is having its world premiere at the Edinburgh Film Festival. There’s more news to come about distribution deals and cinema releases (Can’t say more now or I’ll get into trouble, but it’s all so exciting that I am considering buying a dress).

Also, American Cousins is opening the Southside Film Festival on 15th May, with a Q and A with the mega talented screenwriter, Sergio Casci.

Serge is also working like mad on the screenplay for The Devil’s Staircase, an adaptation of my book. The project is hotting up now that McGowan Films (Australia) is lined up to co-produce with Synchronicity Films (Scotland).

My Last Confession (Letzte Beichte)  is out in Germany this month so I’m off to Berlin for lots of fun PR events and readings. The press are particularly interested in my books because Chris Kraus has signed on to adapt Dead Lovely into a feature film. He’s so hot, Mr Kraus, that it was reported all over the place, including the Hollywood Reporter. If you haven’t seen his film, 4 Minutes  (Vier Minuten), see it now.

Ah! Have just heard I need to stay in Germany an extra night to appear on a TV show Monday morning with 1.3 million viewers. Better go get that dress now. Guess if this was Hollywood, I’d also be sneaking out for some botox.



~ by helenfitzgerald on May 11, 2011.

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