The Donor – round up of reviews and interviews

My editor at Faber, Sarah Savitt, sent me this round up of reviews and interviews this morning. Feeling chuffed.

Terrific Amazon reviews (three 5-star and one 4-star) and currently #64 Paid in Kindle store:

Great online reviews:

‘Amazingly readable, enjoyable.’

‘This book has one of the best first 100 pages of a novel I’ve ever read. Flat-out barnstormingly brilliant opening … The Donor is what fiction should be all about. Real people, believable dialogue, thrilling, emotional and funny.  I’m making everyone I know read this book.’

‘I absolutely loved this book … an easy read, but by no means light weight.’

‘In a quite short and sweet, so perfect for short vacations, format The Donor has brilliant character development leaving you caring about Georgie and Kay as if they were your own … The Donor asks you what choices you’d make in Will’s situation and had me turning pages faster than I knew possible.’

‘Fitzgerald creates a small unit of exquisitely flawed characters who, despite their disparities, are impossible to not empathise with. At times outright hilarious, this book entertains and enthrals the reader whilst focusing intensely on the disquietingly identifiable people within it.’

‘The fast pace and concise narration of Helen Fitzgerald’s The Donor makes this an easy, if intense, book to devour voraciously over a quiet weekend.’

Interviews with Helen:

Kindle Q&A

Guilty Conscience

~ by helenfitzgerald on August 3, 2011.

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