Book deals, film deals, meal deals

Back from a fantastic trip to Sweden, where Karen Campbell and I were billed as the “Queens of Scotland” and treated to cheese pies, lingonberries, caviar and lots and lots of enthusiastic readers. All thanks to Jan Smedh who runs the wonderful bookshops in Uppsala and Stockholm. Thanks also to Helena Dahlgren, the most powerful blogger in Scandinavia! 

Excited to announce that my book, The Duplicate (think Carrie with cloning), is being published in 2012 by the innovative Snubnose Press. I’m now part of the modern e-world along with great writers such as Chad Rohrbacher, Steve FinbowDan O’Shea, R Thomas Brown, Sanda Seamans, Les Edgerton, Patti Abbott and Keith Rawson. We’re the Snubnose family. We’re gonna have t-shirts.

Also thrilled to be able to say out loud that my teen thriller (working title, The Shot) will be part of the Soho Teen imprint (US), coming 2013. The debut list for Soho Teen is so amazing – I’m overwhelmed to be on it.

In the film world, people always say this about their projects: “It’s at a very exciting stage!” Well, The Devil’s Staircase is at a very exciting stage. Really. No, honestly. More news on this soon.

And Chris Kraus is working away on the film adaptation of Dead Lovely in Germany.

…And big news coming soon for The Donor… Sh, not yet!

Faber are/is (?) well chuffed with how well The Donor is selling in the UK. Now gearing up for its launch in Holland, Germany and France (2012).

Ending a great week with a great meal in town with my great (frugal) pals. We have vouchers.











~ by helenfitzgerald on September 16, 2011.

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