Book Group to Author: "HEEERE???S JOHNNY!"

Before I started writing, I was in a book group – the Barlinnie book group. The purposes of our group were the following (in order of importance): 

  1. To get drunk.
  2. To eat a nice meal.
  3. To impress each other with our very strong opinions.
  4. To tear the author to shreds
  5. To rip the book to pieces. 

Since being published, I have been invited to book groups as a guest. The purposes of these groups were as follows (in order of importance): 

  1. Exactly the same as the above. 

Never invite authors to be physically preset at  your book group! It’ll be so uncomfortable the drink won’t go to your head and the food won’t taste good. 

This week, I was invited to four book groups in Sweden. I could only be present via Skype chat (My video didn’t work – praise the lord, they wouldn’t see me cry).

As it turned out, attendance via chat was perfect. The groups could do 1, 2 and 3 without being inhibited by my physical presence. And I couldn’t hear or see them as they 4’d and 5’d. 

From now on, if I am invited to a book group, I’m going to insist on doing it this way.



~ by helenfitzgerald on October 20, 2011.

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