The Uniform of the Crime Writer

For the last four years I have worn the same thing every day: jeans, t-shirt, scabby jacket and boots (All seasons. 80% black).  

This, I notice, is pretty much the uniform of the crime writer.

The clothing came naturally to me, but was also appropriate as my first four books were on the crime shelves. 

Then along came The Donor. 

There’s definitely still a crime cross-over with my adult books, but I am now officially a “dilemma fiction” writer. As was the case with The Donor, the next two books with Faber will not be on the crime shelves. 

So… I’m going to have to change my wardrobe. 

Question is: Do I wear tailored trousers? 

Or a colourful skirt? 

Or is there a third solution, one so terrible it has never even crossed my mind?




~ by helenfitzgerald on October 27, 2011.

7 Responses to “The Uniform of the Crime Writer”

  1. Because I’m tight, most of my clobber comes from Prymark… so, I suppose my uniform is the blood of exploited third world children. How noir!


  2. V noir! And get the feeling crime writers wear stuff they can run in. Getaway gear.


  3. Like that bit in the film Heat where Al Pacino is such a rubbish policeman that he meets a master criminal and has tea and scones with him? And they talk about being able to pack your bag in ten minutes and leave?Ten minutes? That long!


  4. Imagine how long it’s going to take me to pack now.


  5. Spoke to my editor today. Apparently I was never on the crime list. Always general fiction. Should have been wearing floral dresses all along.


  6. Off to Laura Ashley, then?


  7. In order to capture both markets, I have decided on Laura Ashley dress, Fly boots, and permanent scowl.


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