Off The Record

I’m bored with definitions.

What’s crime fiction?

What’s not?

What’s literature?

What’s not?

What’s Scottish?

What’s not?

What’s a likeable character?

What’s not?

What’s a genital wart?

The only one that interests me is the last one, especially if the answer is “that.”

What I’m loving about the e-book revolution is not worrying about definitions. I have two short stories and one novella  coming out soon in digital format only, and for the first time I’ve been completely free to forget about genre and word length and just go for it.

The first short story is out on the 30th November. The collection was put together by Luca Veste. It’s called Off The Record, an anthology of short stories by 38 writers, each inspired by a song. All proceeds to go National Literacy Trust and Children’s Literacy Initiative.

Here’s a quote from my interview about my story, Two Little Boys:

“It’s about a gay couple who go to marriage counselling. One has a very large penis which he likes to share. Unfortunately, their counsellor is a scorned middle aged woman who’s having a nervous breakdown. Her service – the Road Ahead – takes place in her car. With her clients in the front seats, she listens from the back, her thinking being that people open up while driving. As business ideas go, it’s not a great one.”

Off The Record is available on Amazon Uk – £2.49

And on – $3.61.


~ by helenfitzgerald on November 24, 2011.

4 Responses to “Off The Record”

  1. Just read your OTR story. Loved it, especially the tough talking style it was written in. Look forward to catching up on the rest of your writing.


  2. Thanks Sean! It’s a fab collection – can’t wait to read yours.


  3. Thanks Helen, I can’t wait for this to be released. Then I will drink and sleep…possibly both at the same time!


  4. I will be waiting for it’s release too. The only thing that lacks is a <a href="">Seder Plate</a>. Random things like <a href="">skateboard shops</a> for boys and <a href="">hair barrettes</a> for girls, random things and yet so common.


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