New Cover New Title

Here’s the cover for the German edition of The Donor, out February 2012. Tod sei Dank plays with the saying “Gott sei Dank” (Thank God) and means “Thank Death”. My editor at Galiani says it’s confusing and disturbing and cool at the same time – perfect. It’s my first hardback in Germany and available for pre-order on


Can’t wait to see what other territories do with it. How do you think it compares with the UK and Dutch versions?



~ by helenfitzgerald on December 2, 2011.

8 Responses to “New Cover New Title”

  1. That’s spot on! I think it works better than the UK version, hints at a darker edge, which the UK one doesn’t at first glance. Definitely a great cover!


  2. The German cover is very stark & minimal – the other cover is more nostalgically girly & mutedly colourful… Can’t lie, I’d buy the girly cover – but then I’m the British market – so that’s a good thing.


  3. The girly cover worked, certainly, but some people who read were then surprised that it wasn’t Jodi Picoult. Be really interesting to see how it goes.


  4. I liked the UK cover, but it didn’t do the inside justice as much as this new one. The UK cover is a great image, just lacks the little bit of darkness the German one has.


  5. Helen, I have to say I REALLY like the German one! I absolutely loved… LOVED the book, but the cover almost looked like a chicklit cover. I usually don’t buy books based on covers at all–especially if I know the author and what to expect–but the original cover may have stopped me if I didn’t know the author. The German one? I’d buy that one on the cover alone.It’s what’s inside that counts, however… And inside this book is brilliant writing.


  6. I can’t say which I like the best ’cause the publishers read this!


  7. You as always a pleasure to read. Smack)))


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