Thanks 2011

This year was a life-saving, light-bulb of a year. In the last six months in particular, so many things happened that reaffirmed all that’s good in the universe – at home, in myself, and with work – that I’ll be thankful to it for the rest of my life.

These are some of my highlights:

Some great people made their way into my world this year. To name a few: writer and publisher Luca Veste at Guiltyconscience, author Les Edgerton, my new editor at Faber, Sarah Savitt, and my agent, Phil Patterson at Marjacq.

Film and TV projects started exciting me again thanks to Claire Mundell at Synchronicity Films and the ever sparkling Sergio Casci.

I read some great books like Room by Emma Donoghue, Dead Money by Ray Banks and The Devil’s Mask by Christopher Wakling.

For the first time ever, I got into short stories – Two Little Boys in Off the Record and Killing Mum and Dad with Crime Factory and Alibi to benefit 826nyc.

Oh, and there were lots of new publishing deals.

Most of all, this year has been a family year. For a while, I forgot how much fun it is to work with my husband. Our initial spark was all about ideas, and that’s s back with a vengeance. He’s tapping away opposite me now, peering up from his keyboard periodically with a question that gets me thinking and laughing. 

As for the kids, now 15 and 11, this year I’ve seen them grow more determined and inspiring. Bundles of fun.

So thanks 2011.

Now I’m off to sunny Australia to see in 2012.



~ by helenfitzgerald on December 9, 2011.

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