God bless our libraries (and PLR)

Just got my PLR statement through and am thrilled at the number of books people borrowed last year. When I tweeted about it, many other authors joined in the celebration. Thank God for our libraries. In case you’re wondering, people are still using them.

It was fascinating for me to see the borrowing figures for my first four books. I won’t go into details here, but two books were published by one publisher, and two by another. Two of the books did well. Two not as well.

Put the books on a level playing field – ie on the library shelves – and I realise that the two books that didn’t sell as well are miles ahead in borrowing figures. Either borrowers have different taste from buyers, or one of my publishers got it wrong. Hm.

I’m pleased, though. I’d written those two off as shite when they’re obviously works of genius.






~ by helenfitzgerald on January 19, 2012.

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