The Cry out on Amazon Kindle today!

My new psychological thriller is out on kindle today, and next week in paperback. I’ve been overwhelmed by the lovely things people have been saying about it. Here are some quotes.:

Steve Mosby

‘The Cry by @fitzHelen really is extraordinary. In a just universe, it will be her Gone Girl moment. Read it at once.’  Full review here.

Luca Veste

‘Heartbreaking, controversial, and absorbing, THE CRY is an important novel for the social media age. More importantly, it explores grief, relationships, and how each of us reacts to what is arguably a parent’s worst nightmare. It’s guaranteed to create discussion…everyone will have an opinion on this story. Mine is that it’s the best novel of 2013, which is no small feat given what has been a bumper year for fiction.’ Luca Veste

Full review here

Chris Ewan

‘THE CRY is an exceptional novel. Fierce, unflinching, innovative in both structure and style, this powerful noir tale is by turns devastating and uplifting. More than simply a blistering dissection of a toxic relationship placed under the most extreme strain, THE CRY is a plea to be heard and it deserves to bring Fitzgerald’s work to a much wider audience.

Lisa O’Donnell

‘An incredible read. I couldn’t put it down. A beautifully crafted, heartbreaking story.’ Full review here

James Carol

‘I finished reading THE CRY last night and I just wanted to drop you a quick line to say how much I loved it. It’s beautifully written and absolutely heartrending. I loved every page and couldn’t put the bloody thing down.’

Mark Edwards

‘Everyone should stop what they’re doing and pre-order THE CRY by Helen FitzGerald now. Trust me. It’s stunningly good.’

Michael J Malone

‘Just finished an advanced copy of Helen FitzGerald’s THE CRY from those clever peeps at Faber. What a book! Superb.’

Liz Wilkins

Beautifully written, characters you will relate to and feel for and a story that could so easily be truth you should certainly not miss this one. Cry? Oh yes. Indeed I did.  Full review here

Eva Dolan

‘Just finished THE CRY by @FitzHelen – harrowing, clever and totally compelling. The best psychological thriller i’ve read this year. Buy it!’

Russel D McLean

‘THE CRY is excellent; unsettling and filled with moral ambiguity. Go read her. Now.’ Full review here

The English Bookshop (Sweden)

‘One of her best! (And I’d say that even if she wasn’t so intimidating!)’

Karen Campbell

‘Very much recommend it! (and I’d say that even if she hadn’t paid me to)’

Jo Kawasaki

‘I absolutely loved it … If you’re looking for a book that is guaranteed to generate some great discussions at your next book club coffee morning, then this one is definitely it.’ Full review here

J David Simons

‘I know she’s a mate but that shouldn’t stop me saying how much I enjoyed The Cry, the latest psychological thriller by Helen Fitzgerald. With a writing style that is fresh, crisp and pacy, with characters that are well-formed, authentic and brutally honest, Helen takes the reader on a dark and fascinating journey full of twists and turns and shifting loyalties. Set mostly in and around Melbourne, The Cry echoes with the dilemmas of Lindy Chamberlain as well as Katy and Gerry McCann. This is a writer at the top of her game. The book launches today (on Kindle) and hard copy next week. Read it now!’

In the rush to get copies printed ahead of pub date for Harrogate and Edinburgh Book Festivals, we forgot the dedication and Acknowledgements – so here they are.

For Dad

I was sitting with you when I typed The End and then you died.
I know what you’d say: “Nellie Bly, it wasn’t all your fault.”
Brian Desmond FitzGerald
27-01-1925 – 06-10-2012
I asked for so much help writing this and I got it in bunches. Thanks to Luca Veste, Sergio Casci, Isabel FitzGerald and Liz Hopkin for reading drafts and giving me excellent feedback. Huge shout to Pete and Vicki FitzGerald, Neil White,. Doug Johnstone, Allan Guthrie and Felicity Pierce for practical advice on criminal law, tampons and the price of coffee in Collins Street. Thanks to my agent, Phil Patterson at Marjacq Scripts, for his notes, diligence and good humour.  And to Sarah Savitt at Faber who took this on when it was just an idea and worked like mad with me on it.
Mostly, thanks to my Dad, who lived in Point Lonsdale, where this book is set, and loved it as much as he loved life. 

You can get it on Amazon Kindle UK here


The Cry

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